Waylon Wednesdays!!! 8/2

Hey gang! 

Here we are, starting into August, man oh man does time fly by! Well, we have some good shelter news for all of our readers. Our momma dog, Jersey, has given birth to eight beautiful pups! The staff and volunteers have been ecstatic with helping her out, and making sure she has everything she needs. In other news, we have had several doggies go on overnights, which is a great chance for them to experience life outside the clinic! We hope all the best for them while they are out on the town.     

So, today, I was really hoping to talk about our volunteer program. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty sweet – and I’m not just saying that, I know from experience because that is how I got my start here at the House of Hope. I cannot stress the overall sense of joy I received from helping out my fellow kin just by hanging out, going on walks, or passing out treats. There is something truly cathartic about spending a few hours with all our four legged friends. I would like to pass along the information to anyone who would like to donate some of their time at the shelter. Feel free to drop us a line via email or through our website if you find an interest in helping out – here.

Also, a quick reminder: the Humane Society of Aransas County will be hosting an open house/ volunteer appreciation this Saturday at 2pm – there will be food, fun, tours, and all the kitties and doggies you can handle. We hope to see you there!

Until next time,

-Waylon Jennings

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