Become a Volunteer

Volunteering at our “House of Hope” Shelter is a rewarding experience and an opportunity to help care for animals who are lost or abandoned.  There are many ways to contribute and make a difference in the lives of cats and dogs in need.  Our mission is to rehab our animals and find them a forever home, and our volunteers are part of this meaningful journey. 

There are many ways you can help….

  • Front Desk volunteers greet visitors and assist with adoptions.
  • Dog walking volunteers give an animal some exercise and get some themselves.
  • Cat lovers assist in the catteries by helping to clean and giving a kitty some play time.
  • Some volunteers just stop by to give our animals some hugs and a friendly pat on their heads….they love the attention!
  • Volunteers can meet some great folks by taking one of our dogs to the park once a month.
  • Volunteers sometimes foster an animal for a day or two to enjoy some snuggling, play time and socialization.


However you may choose to help, being a volunteer at the Shelter will make a difference, and when you spend time with our precious animals they will definitely leave a paw print on your heart. 

If you are interested in volunteering; please click the button below to fill out our volunteer application.

We Need Volunteers

Get involved!  The dogs and cats at our shelter need your help!


HSAC Junior Volunteer Program

The goal of the Junior Program is to offer students an opportunity to gain volunteer experience, learn more about responsible pet ownership, training and animal care. Youth will be able to volunteer at the shelter without a parent or guardian, but will be under the supervision of shelter staff and/or adult volunteers.

Requirements: Students must complete an application accompanied by a parent/legal guardian release form. Selected applicants will be invited to an interview at the shelter for acceptance into the program. As openings in the program occur, students who have been accepted will be scheduled to attend a Youth Volunteer Orientation Program.

Students must commit to:

  • Volunteer at least 4 hours per month for at least 4 months
  •  Follow instructions, adhere to shelter policies, procedures and protocols
  •  Display a “humane” attitude toward HSAC’s animals, volunteers and staff


Some of the tasks students will be assigned:


  • Socializing animals (petting and spending time with them)
  • Walking dogs/Park Days
  • Assisting in bathing and grooming of animals
  • Basic Training/Fun Activities 
  • Helping with shelter laundry and cleaning
  • Assisting in showing animals to prospective adopters
  • Cleaning pens and yard maintenance


Youth Volunteer shifts are only offered on pre-designated days, times and specific shifts.  The Humane Society cannot accommodate drop-in Junior Volunteers.