Waylon Wednesdays!!! 3/22

Howdy partner!!!

So, I made it back from vacation in one piece; and man-oh-man do I have some stories for y’all, but you’ll have to wait until my autobiography gets published to read them. Anyways, during my absence I had one of our senior reporters, Nanook, fill in for me. I had him email me a copy of all the news from the Humane Society, but I haven’t had a moment to read it with everything going on, so I hope he didn’t disappoint.

Now that we have gotten all the pleasantries out of the way, let me give our readers the run down for this week at the House of Hope. We have a family of Siamese kitties that are living with us, and as you can guess, they’re as cute as can be! There are three adolescents that need a little more time with us at the facility before they will be ready for adoption. However, the most exciting part is the six itty-bitty kitties that haven’t even opened their eyes yet! They will certainly need to stay with us a while longer before. But, all in all, we are excited to have our doors open to take in this lovely bunch of kitties, and we can’t wait to see them grow up here within the shelter.

With all that said, it is that time of the year where will be seeing a lot more momma’s and kittens running around the area. Which is why it is important to spay or neuter the local outside kitties to help keep the population from running rampant around here. So, if you happen to come across an animal that needs to be fixed and is under 35 lbs our shelter will provide a coupon with the Cattery, a helpful service that accommodates a low cost spay and neuter program. Call them directly to make an appointment!!!

Stay cool out there,

-Waylon Jennings.

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