Waylon Wednesdays!!! 3/15

Hi there,

My name is Nanook, but everyone at the clinic calls me ‘Nanook of the North’ or ‘Nanni’. So, let me tell you a little something about myself. I’m an Alaskan Malamute and I have plenty to say about anything and everything – and I’m filled with all sorts of useful trivia. For instance, Did you know the common expression for hello in my native tongue is: “cama-ihi!“? Which translates to: ‘good to see you‘ – usually that’s how I start off all my conversations. Pretty cool, huh? You can feel free to use it sometime.

Anyways, I will be filling in for Waylon while he is out in Port Aransas. Last I heard he was on a soul searching mission working on his autobiography during spring break. But, that doesn’t mean we will skip a beat about all the happenings at the facility. So, I would like to take this time to talk about our volunteer program and all the wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so far. All in all, we have 22 volunteers that help keep the wheels turning at the Humane Society, and without their dedication things would be a lot different at the shelter. Unfortunately, I don’t have the space to list everyone I’d like to, but here are a few that have really helped out:

Annika our newest volunteer from Germany. She is here a majority of the work week helping with inside and outside pooches and has kicked off our Thursday morning walk-about! She is also fostering one of our yard dogs at the moment – and things couldn’t be better.

Phil and Vicki our winter Texans. They come every Tuesday to spend time with the doggos and make sure they all get a long walk before breakfast time. We will definitely miss their helping hands whenever they leave again for up north.

Annette, our other friend from up north. She helps out twice a week in our cattery, and makes sure all of our kitties get plenty of belly rubs and treats. We hope that she will spend her next Texas trip with us at the shelter.

Like I said, these are just a few of the volunteers that have really made a difference at HSAC. However, we are always looking for new and smiling faces to come and spend time with some pretty cool animals – and you’ll get a chance to meet me! I’m fairly tough to miss; I’m the giant rug that’s sunbathing out front, be sure to come say hello!

Temporary correspondent,

-Nanook aka Rodeo Joe

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