Waylon Wednesdays!!! 9/20

Howdy partners!

I hope everyone’s September is going good and staying cool! I have been a busy little bee over at the shelter. We have had quite a few adoptions since our last post. Mulder and Scully who stayed at the facility for 195 day, finally found their perfect person! Also, Ink, is living her best life after she found her forever home. She had been living at the House of Hope for 157 days and was the last of her litter. We are overjoyed for these doggos!

This weekend is going to be super exciting. We can’t wait for the RFHS volleyball team to stop by the shelter to help clean and hang out with all the animals. As the saying goes; teamwork makes the dreamwork! Additionally, There are some new volunteers who have been coming by a few times a week. It has been great to meet all these new folks. I have several new friends, Karen and Dan. They have been coming to walk dogs on a regular basis, and connected with a majority of our yard dogs! This is extremely important at HSAC! We would like for all of our dogs to get an equal amount of face-time and meet as many new people as possible. And we can’t forget about our awesome friends from the Life Skills class! They are great help and we love hanging out whenever they come by!

I would also like to take a moment to talk about our new kitten friends. These kittens are full of love and are so sweet and tender. They are very grateful and happy to be in a safe environment. In the meantime, they are looking a loving foster home until they’re ready for spay and neuter.

Until next time,

-Waylon Jennings.

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