Waylon Wednesdays!!! 7/12

Howdy Folks! 

I hope everyone had a safe and fun time celebrating our Nation’s holiday! I spent the day lounging around with my mom and helping out at the shelter. So, big holidays such as these always get me and my dog friends all stirred up and in a frenzy. Luckily, when the big boom-booms were getting close to go off, the staff and volunteers made sure that everyone was properly medicated. It’s ruff work, and things can get a little hairy out there, but someone has to do it – and that person is me: Waylon Jennings, official night shift helper. 

At the shelter, we’ve had a few new intakes since we last spoke. Two pooches, Taz and Jersey. They were found by a very kind lady that brought them over to the facility.  Within their short time here, they’ve already won over everyone at the facility. They are the sweetest most grateful pups, and always wagging their tails as well as a kiss to offer. As soon as they arrived we gave them a big bowl of food and a warm bath to rid a lifetime of grimey-ness. This week we will do intake on them and tat that time we’ll find out their Heartworm status and then they’ll be that much closer to being adoptable! 

Also, a tiny kitten came in to our facility this past weekend. This sweet little kitten was thrown from a car into a body of water. And by happenstance, someone saw this happen and rescued her from the water, and then brought her to us. She goes by Ducky, and she walked away with some mild road rash, some water in the lungs, and a bit of a headache but she us expected to make a full recovery! 

Other than that we are very excited to watch our new friends go though the process and eventually find their forever homes!


-Waylon Jennings.

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