Waylon Wednesdays!!! 5/24


Happy Wednesday, fellow readers! My apologies for taking such a long sabbatical, I had a few previous things I needed to take care of. But, enough about that, let’s get down to it!

So, quite a lot has happened at the shelter as of recent. All of which have been great: we’ve had several animals gone on overnights, four animals in foster (including our friend Touché who went to NOLA for a couple days), and we’ve also had a few adoptions! But that’s not the half of it, with all our kitty and doggo friends who have taken off over the past week, the facility has also taken in six animals from Animal Care Services. All the staff and volunteers are excited to work with the new animals and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

But the biggest news I was wanting to talk about was our dear friend, Walnut. He has been with us at the Humane Society for almost a full year. He is a Sulcata tortoise, which is the third largest species of tortoises overall. As for Walnut, specifically, I think he is a pretty cool guy – he’s none too too fast, but he’s very quick witted. The staff and volunteers at the shelter love giving him his breakfast and hosing down his shell. However, as of last weekend, he has taken a voyage over to Camp Aranzazu! It is bitter-sweet, in the sense that we love having Walnut here with us, but we are elated in the fact that he gets to spend time with some awesome people that will give him all the strawberries and cucumbers he could want. We’ve received word that Walnut is already spreading all the joy he can to the camp staff who are completely enamored with him. We also have a very nice correspondent at Camp Aranzazu who is taking care of our precious Walnut while he is away. So we know things will be well.

I was hoping to get a picture with Walnut before he left, but I could only make it their in spirit.

Until next Wednesday, stay cool out there.

-Waylon Jennings.

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