Waylon Wednesdays!!! 4/26

Hey gang,

So, it’s that day of the week again! Time for another edition of Waylon Wednesday. I’ve been pondering the big questions in life recently. Such as, “Is it summer-time, yet?” Because I’m not going to lie, I’m ready to lounge on the beach with a cold beverage next to me while I twiddle the sand between my paws. In my opinion, nothing beats a lazy day. However, with all the hustle and bustle going on at the shelter it may be some time before that day arrives. But that’s okay, because things are moving along nicely here. Everything is ship-shape, as far as I’m concerned. Our good friend Butch, a big goof of a pooch, got adopted and we couldn’t be happier! His new owner took one look at him and said, “that’s the dog for me.” And later that evening the staff received a few candid photos of Butch out on his property soaking in the fresh air. Not only that, we had another doggo, Scruffy, who also left for an overnight just the other day. All us dogs’ paws are crossed that everything works well for them two.

And how could a forget, the main reason I sat down to write today! So, here at the Humane Society we would love to give a huge shout out to the Girl Scout group that came in last week to help with us! They arrived with smiles from ear to ear, and had all sorts of toys for the kitties and doggies. Everyone was happy to partake in the shenanigans. All in all, they were a tremendous help to our staff and volunteers. The funniest part was our pack of small dogs we let loose upon everyone just before leaving. The Girl Scouts were met with a barrage of licks and kisses from all the little pups within the facility. Needless to say, I made tons of new friends, and all us animals cannot wait for their return. We are counting down the days until we can see them again! Luckily, I managed to take a snazzy photo before they left – I made sure to attach it at the top of the newsletter for our readers to enjoy.

Until next time,

-Waylon Jennings.

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