Waylon Wednesdays!!!

Greetings fellow pooches

It’s me again, your trusted correspondent in the field. First and foremost, happy Wednesday to all you animal lovers out there! So, there’s been a lot of hustle and bustle around here for the holidaysss. My friends and I have finished setting up our display for The Christmas on the Beach. Trust me, it took some convincing at the front gate to let in your favorite reporter. But, boy-oh-boy does it look grand! I got to help orchestrate lighting and overall decor placement. Despite the strict no pooch’s policy, I feel my hoo-men friends really did a swell job, and I can’t wait to share the howli-day festivities with all my favorite people and fur-buddies.

Also, I wanted to introduce you to my new friend Ferdinand! He is a Saint Bernard that is now residing at the House of Hope. This big ‘ole 110 lbs boy came to us as a stray after he was retrieved near the local post office. Now that he has been with us for the allotted time, we have vetted him, and we will put him on the schedule to be neutered. After that, he will be available for adoption unless he finds a foster before then! This handsome gentleman is only about two years old and is just the sweetest bee you’ll ever meet. He adores meeting new people and absolutely loves a good companion!!!

Meowy Christmas,

-Waylon Jennings.

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