Waylon Wednesdays!!!

Meowdy guysss,

We’re here today to talk about heartworms. There’s almost 50% of kitties and pooches that are potentially afflicted by this disease. So, that means my team and I are dealing with a pandemic of our own. “We’re all in this together” – as said by High School Musical. 

Did you know that us furballsss at the clinic always get monthly meds? Yessiree. It’s a serious thingsss. And, without it we would have fleas and heartworms and more than likely intestinal parasites too! So, here at the House of Hope, we check for all sorts of things, including heartworms. Because guysss, I don’t know if you know this, but heartworms come from a mosquito bite!!! Those pesky little buggers!!Plus, with all the rain we’ve seen lately, that means plenty of mosquitoes are coming around. And, that means potentially more puppers getting heartworms. And, guysss did you know that adult female heartworms are larger than male heartworms and can grow 10-12 inches in length? They make their home in the right side of the heart and vessels of the lungs (pulmonary arteries) – often causing lung disease and heart failure guysss. That’s serious stuffsss. Treatment can take up 7-10 months depending on the regimen your vet decides to use! That’s why it’s so important to keep your pooches on monthly medication. It’s so much easier that way.

Y’all, it’s like really important to make sure that your pups get their annual heartworm test!!! Our friends at the American Heartworm Society have alotta great stats and info about heartworms.

Stay safe out there guysss,

– Waylon Jennings


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