A Pet's Last Will

Before our masters cross the rainbow bridge they write a last will and testament. They leave their earthly possessions and make their final wishes known to those loved ones they leave behind.

If I could do the same with my paws and loving heart, this is what I’d ask…

To a poor and lonely stray I’d give my happy home, bowl, favorite spot and toys. I would want them to know the lap I loved so much, to feel your loving hand stroke their fur and hear your voice speak their name.

I’d will to that sad, scared shelter dog the place in your heart that I know must be hurting, knowing that in time you will heal each other.

Now that I’ve crossed the rainbow bridge don’t say you’ll never have another pet because you can’t bear the hurt and loneliness.

Please find a lonely, unloved dog or kitty, one whose life has no joy or hope and give my place to them.

It’s the only thing I can give.

The love I left behind.