Help HSAC Recover from Harvey

The Humane Society & Adoption Center of Rockport Fulton endured the wrath of Hurricane Harvey in August.  The Shelter’s main fundraiser (Friends of the Animals Gala) was scheduled for September 8th, but had to be cancelled.  To help recoup some of the funds lost due to the annual fundraiser being cancelled, we are selling these the magnificent art pieces that were donated for our auction.

If you would like to see any of these pieces present below, schedule a viewing at the shelter located at 1308 W. Myrtle St., Fulton, TX 78358 by contacting:

Kathy Brown

HSAC Gala Auction Committee Co-Chair

Home:  (361) 758-2113

Cell:  (713) 898-0476


HSAC and ALL the animals, thank you for your time and consideration in helping us recover from Harvey!!!

KENT ULLBERG Bronze Sculpture Longhorn

Artist:  Kent Ullberg

Media:  Bronze Sculpture

Subject:  Longhorn

Title:   Cooling His Heels (#4 of 30)

Size:  15.75” x 8” x 18.5”

Price:  $4,000.00 (will consider offers)

EVELYN ATKINSON Original Watercolor Roseate Spoonbills

Artist:  Evelyn Atkinson

Media:  ORIGINAL Watercolor

Subject:  Roseate Spoonbills

Size Framed:  31″ x 39″

Price:  $3,000.00 (will consider offers)

JAN SMITH MCLAUGHLIN Eagle Flag Framed PrintArtist: Jan Smith McLaughlinTitle: Freedom’s Flight

Media: Framed PrintSubject: Eagle, Flag, PatriotismSize Framed: 24″ x 28″Price: $200.00 (will consider offers)

CARITA GOULD Original Watercolor Great Blue HeronArtist: Carita GouldMedia: ORIGINAL WatercolorSubject: Great Blue HeronSize Framed: 28″ x 35″Price: $1,000.00 (will consider offers

GUY MORROW “Windswept” Framed Salt Grass PrintArtist: Guy MorrowTitle: WindsweptMedia: Watercolor Print/Artist’s ProofSubject: Salt GrassSize Framed: 13″ x 15″Price: $100.00 (will consider offers

EVELYN ATKINSON “Great Blue Heron in the Flats” ORIGINAL

Artist: Evelyn AtkinsonTitle: Great Blue Heron in the FlatsMedia: Original Water ColorSubject: Great Blue HeronSize Framed: 21″ x 25″Price: $350.00 (will consider offers)

PATRICIA “PATTY” MILLER ORIGINAL Oil Painting Shar-PeiArtist: Patricia Miller (Also a dedicated Volunteer at HSAC)Title: LewisMedia: Original Oil PaintingSubject: Dog, Shar-PeiSize Framed: 21″ x 26″Price: $250.00

TERRY MADDEN Sailboat Watercolor PrintArtist: Terry MaddenMedia: Watercolor PrintSubject: SailboatsSize Framed: 26″ x 32″ Price: $100.00 (will consider offers)